Als introvertierter Poet und aggressiver Kämpfer für eine bessere Welt gleichermaßen präsentierte sich Sänger und Gitarrist Hans Hauser als „hhanoi“ mit einer Mischung aus Neil Young und Kurt Cobain. (Tiroler Tageszeitung - So, 25.05.2014 )



The album "Changing my ways" (Seriously Records, 2014) marks the latest milestone in hhanoi’s short yet prolific career. With its intriguing mix of introversion and outgoing boldness, lyricism and energetic verve, the authentic and uncompromising art of musicians like Neil Young and Kurt Cobain reverberates through both parts of the double album as well as the live performances.

Hans Hauser, after ten successful years as composer, singer and instrumentalist in various bands and genres, decided to start working on a solo project in 2008 and produced the somewhat ironically titled debut album "Best of" in 2009. While including all sorts of genres and instrumentations it seems to have been the singer-songwriter component of this first album that drove Hauser to start the singer-songwriter project hhanoi in 2011. The first hhanoi album "Dawn" was recorded and produced in Berlin in 2012 and earned approving reviews in Austria and Germany.

In 2014 hhanoi was reformed into a rock duo as former HotchPotch and Drum and Groove musician Lucas Geiler joined the band. The live performances continue to be shaped by the dual nature of hhanoi and create a unique concert experience with some songs performed solo and acoustic while the rest of the set displays the relentless drive created by the dynamic interaction between the two musicians.